Our 9 tips for a Perfect Wedding

Our 9 tips for a Perfect Wedding

1)    Start planning early

The earlier you start planning the better. Having a clear plan will help you stay on top of things and make sure you don’t forget anything crucial. Gather your thoughts together about a rough guest list and budget because the earlier these things start coming into view the less stressful your day will be as it approaches.


2)    Create your guest list

Before anything else, sit down with your partner and agree to a guest list- it’s important to do this early as it will determine which venues will be suitable for the wedding. Invite a realistic number of people and decide whether you are inviting any children.


3)    Make a budget

Before thinking about the details, make a practical budget that you should keep within. Don’t forget to include little extras like invitations and beauty appointments as these can pile on and end up being very expensive.


4)    Choose an ideal timeframe and location

Make sure the timeframe intended for your wedding is suitable for the majority if not all your guests. Remember not all the people invite will be able to come. As well as this, when choosing a venue make sure it is large enough to host the number of people attending and somewhere that you like and can envision yourself getting married in. Sometimes it’s hard considering venues abroad and at home so if you are thinking of someplace abroad, just remember not to make it too far away otherwise it might be a struggle for guests to come.


5)    Pick a theme

Whether it’s a few colours or a whole display, choosing a theme will enable you to make cohesive design decisions and make things look more attractive. Also, remember that your theme doesn’t have to be traditional – in fact we believe it should represent the bride and groom as a couple and allow their personalities to shine through.


6)    Decide on the details

Finishing details are very important to create the perfect wedding atmosphere you desire – this could mean blowing up some balloons or adding some seasonal flowers. Whatever it is make sure it corresponds with your theme and overall look. However, keep in mind not to go overboard as you have a budget.


7)    Add a personal touch

Your wedding should be about who you are as a couple so why not do it differently and incorporate something which represents the both of you. If you’re not big on the customary wedding traditions – make your own traditions. Don’t be afraid to give your wedding a personal touch


8)    Enjoy your celebration

In the midst of all the crazy wedding planning, make sure to step back and look at the big picture – this day is about love and moving on to a new stage in life. So, don’t worry so much and enjoy yourself because chances are if you enjoy yourself, everyone else will.


9)    Remember to make it legal

Weddings may be stressful but don’t forget to get your marriage license. Research early and find out what documents are needed because marriage licenses are typically only valid for a few months.